Monday, November 30, 2015

7 7 7 - Day Seven

Final day of the 7/7/7 music challenge. This one actually comes from Sabrina Nichols. The James Bond Theme, arranged by John Barry. Arguably on the most recognizable tunes aside from Jingle Bells. Enjoy.
My final nominee is...Paul Jones - seven songs, seven days, seven nominees. Looking forward to some good ones Paul! Everyone else can now take a deep breath and know that you are off the hook.

7 7 7 - Day Six

Day six of the 7/7/7 music challenge. Tom Waits. His voice is too rough, he sings sad songs, he's scary - all good reasons to avoid listening to this guy. I'm offering up a gem from one of his early releases, Small Change. Give it a chance and at least you'll be able to say you've heard a Tom Waits song all the way through, you might want to pour yourself a drink first.
Next nominee, my good friend Martin Wesemann, give it a go Marty, I know you've got some good ones!